Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Game Of Waiting..


It all started when I graduated 7 months ago, Didn’t really care about what others cared about which is finding a job, simply because I didn’t want one, I wanted to go on with my studying and get my masters and PhD.

I took my time finding a good university, and did all the requirements .. Long story short, in two weeks if I’m not there I will miss my chance to study this semester and I will have to wait for the next one which starts in January .. Which also means that I will waste a whole year of my life.

All I can do now is wait, wait and wait .. and will do a little help to wait even more.. That’s the game of waiting , you wait for something and then you wait for another thing , you’ll actually waste 50%  of your life just waiting to do the other 50%.

So please excuse me now I have to go and continue my waiting.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking The Law

I’m sure we all at some point broke the law , but in small amounts that’s why we are not criminals.. I’ll be specific.
Its not a secret that driving in Jordan is like wrestling , there are rules but if you obey them your ass will be kicked by other wrestlers (Drivers).. But that’s not my point.

Today I got a ticket for parking in a wrong way , and I deserved it and I knew that I will get one because I parked in front of the policeman , but I had to.. But that’s not my point.

Right after I got that ticket , I saw a police car from the traffic department doing a U-turn and above that U-turn there was a sign الأعور بشوفها just like this one:
You see my point? I got a ticket for breaking the law which is fair, and a police car would just break the law in front of all people and do nothing about it? Btw doing a U-turn from a no U-turn sign is way more dangerous than parking in a wrong way.

My point is that there should be NO ONE above the law even policemen , at least not the traffic department for god’s sake !!!!!